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Best Background Music for Gaming Videos: Elevate Your Gameplay

SongTub Admin | December 2, 2023
background music for gaming videos

In the world of gaming videos, the right background music can make a significant impact. Not only does it enhance the overall experience for viewers, but it also sets the tone and atmosphere for your gameplay. In this article, we will explore the best gaming music options and provide tips on how to choose the perfect tunes to elevate your gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Background music for gaming videos plays an important role in setting the atmosphere and enhancing viewer experience.
  • Choosing the right gaming music involves considering the game’s theme, pace, and energy, as well as understanding copyright and royalty-free options.
  • Top genres for gaming music include instrumental, epic, and intense tracks suitable for various game types and scenarios.
  • Popular platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud offer curated gaming music playlists for easy selection.
  • Knowing how to legally use gaming music in your videos is essential to avoid copyright infringements.

The Role of Background Music in Gaming Videos

Gaming background music plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience for both the player and the viewers. It serves many purposes, including setting the mood, building tension, and creating immersive environments. Additionally, it elicits emotional responses, encourages player engagement, and contributes to the video game’s overall impact.

Video game music is the heartbeat of a game, pumping energy and emotion into even the simplest of experiences. It is an integral part of the immersive gaming world that can make or break the viewer’s connection to the gameplay. – Koji Kondo, Composer, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Series

The importance of music in gaming videos can be broken down into a few essential aspects:

  1. Determining and maintaining atmosphere: Different video games require different types of musical accompaniment to complement their themes and settings. A well-chosen piece of background music sets the tone and contributes to the overall atmosphere, whether it’s a fantasy, action, or horror game.
  2. Influencing player emotion: Music has a significant impact on emotions, and video game music is no exception. By selecting genres and tracks tailored to evoke specific emotional reactions, viewers can experience a deeper connection to the gameplay.
  3. Motivating player engagement: Background music helps players stay engaged and interested in the gameplay. The right music can drive user retention and facilitate an overall positive gaming experience.
  4. Enhancing storytelling: Music can be used to augment the narrative elements of gaming videos, providing emotional cues and underscoring key moments in the story.
Music element Role in gaming videos
Atmosphere Setting the tone and enhancing the overall gaming environment
Emotion Influencing player emotions and reactions to gameplay events
Engagement Motivating player engagement and contributing to an enjoyable gaming experience
Storytelling Supporting and enriching game narratives and storytelling elements

In conclusion, properly chosen gaming background music has a significant impact on gameplay experience and viewer engagement. Whether it be setting the mood, creating an immersive atmosphere, or driving player engagement, music plays a vital role in amplifying the overall impact of gaming videos.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Background Music

Choosing the right gaming music for your videos is crucial for enhancing the gaming experience and capturing the attention of your audience. In this section, we will discuss three important factors to consider while selecting music for gaming videos: matching music to the game’s theme, considering the pace and energy of your gameplay, and understanding copyright and royalty-free options.

Choosing Gaming Music

Matching Music to the Game’s Theme

Thematic gaming music helps in maintaining a consistent mood and atmosphere throughout the video, creating a more immersive experience for the viewers. It is essential to select music that complements and aligns with the game’s theme and story.

  1. For action and adventure games, consider epic and powerful soundtracks that create tension and excitement.
  2. For puzzle and strategy games, choose soothing and ambient music that stimulates concentration and thoughtfulness.
  3. For fantasy and role-playing games, opt for magical and enchanting tunes that transport the listener to mystical worlds.

Remember that music and game theme synergy is crucial for visual storytelling and enhanced gameplay experience.

Considering the Pace and Energy of Your Gameplay

Another vital aspect of gaming music selection is considering the pace and energy level of your gameplay. The background music should correspond with the game’s rhythm, helping viewers to feel involved and excited as the action unfolds.

  • For fast-paced games, choose upbeat and energizing tracks that match the game’s intensity.
  • For slow-paced, exploratory games, opt for calming and atmospheric tunes that evoke curiosity and wonder.

Gaming music pace plays a significant role in engaging viewers and amplifying the impact of gameplay on the audience. Think about music as an essential component that keeps the viewer connected to the game’s essence and progress.

Understanding Copyright and Royalty-Free Options

Navigating the world of copyright in gaming music can be challenging, but it’s essential to use legally permissible tracks to avoid potential consequences. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Type of Music Description
Royalty-free music Music that can be used without paying ongoing royalties for each use or view, generally requiring a one-time licensing fee.
Public domain music Music that is not protected by copyright and can be used freely by anyone.
Creative Commons music Music licensed under varying degrees of permissions, with some free for use while others require attribution or have other restrictions.

Understanding the differences among royalty-free gaming music, public domain music, and Creative Commons music will help you make informed choices that comply with copyright laws while still resonating with your gaming videos.

Top Genres for Gaming Music

With gaming videos gaining popularity, the right background music plays a significant role in elevating the overall experience. A variety of gaming music genres serve diverse gaming styles and preferences, enhancing the gameplay and maintaining audience engagement. Here, we explore some of the most popular gaming music styles to suit different gaming situations.

Popular gaming music styles

  1. Electronica and EDM
  2. This genre is popular for its dynamic energy and upbeat tempo. Electronic and EDM music consists of pulsating rhythms and synthesized beats that work well with fast-paced games like racing and sports titles.

  3. Orchestral Scores
  4. Orchestral music provides an epic and grand feel, complementing games with immersive storytelling or fantasy worlds like role-playing games (RPGs) and action-adventures.

  5. Rock and Metal
  6. With its aggressive and high-energy sound, rock and metal music pairs well with intensively competitive games like first-person shooters or fast-action titles.

  7. Chiptune and 8-bit
  8. A callback to the nostalgic sounds of classic video game music, chiptune and 8-bit music impart a retro feel suitable for vintage or pixel-art games.

  9. Ambient and Atmospheric
  10. Ambient music delivers a calming influence, making it suitable for relaxing, slow-paced games like puzzle or exploration titles.

Using appropriate gaming music genres not only enhances the gameplay experience but also helps maintain the interest of viewers, making your gaming videos much more appealing.

Below is a table showcasing a few popular games and their corresponding gaming music genres:

Game Title Genre Typical Gaming Music Style
FIFA 22 Sports Electronica, Pop, Alternative Rock
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Action-Adventure Orchestral, Atmospheric
DOOM Eternal First-Person Shooter Heavy Metal, Industrial
Stardew Valley Simulation, Farming RPG Chiptune, Folk, Ambient

Whether you’re a casual or a professional gamer, selecting the right music genre for your gaming videos is crucial for creating an immersive experience and appealing to your target audience. By understanding the popular gaming music styles and their corresponding game genres, you can enhance both your gameplay and your content, making it more enjoyable and engaging for your viewers.

Instrumental Gaming Music and Its Impact

Instrumental gaming music has become an increasingly popular choice for gamers seeking the perfect soundtrack for their gaming experience. This type of music offers a range of benefits, such as enhancing the overall ambiance of a game and providing non-distracting background noise during intense sessions.

instrumental gaming music

The Use of Non-Distracting Melodies

One major advantage of instrumental gaming music is the use of non-distracting melodies. This type of music often has a more ambient, repetitive, and simple structure, making it less likely to interfere with a player’s focus and concentration. Below are some reasons why non-distracting instrumental tracks are a popular choice for gaming:

  1. Enhanced immersion: Instrumental music can help create a stronger sense of immersion by complementing the game’s atmosphere without overbearing lyrics or melodies.
  2. Better focus: With no lyrics to follow, players can devote their full attention to their in-game actions and strategies, leading to improved performance.
  3. Adaptable soundtracks: Instrumental music can be easily adjusted to fit various gameplay scenarios and player preferences, giving gamers the freedom to tweak their audio experience as needed.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” – Bono

Despite its simplicity and subtlety, instrumental gaming music can have a profound impact on the gaming experience. Below is a table that highlights some popular instrumental game soundtracks and their composers:

Game Title Composer Notable Track
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Jeremy Soule Dragonborn
Ori and the Blind Forest Gareth Coker Main Theme
Journey Austin Wintory I Was Born For This
Undertale Toby Fox Hopes and Dreams

As gaming continues to evolve, it’s clear that instrumental gaming music will remain a popular choice for many players. By providing non-distracting melodies, these soundtracks can help to enhance the overall gaming experience while supporting a player’s ability to focus and excel in their chosen game.

The Rise of Epic Gaming Music in Action-Packed Videos

As gaming videos grow in popularity, the demand for high-quality and immersive background music has encouraged creators to explore more diverse and engaging audio options. The result is the rise of epic gaming music, characterized by its intense and stirring tones, which perfectly complements the energy of action gaming music for a thrilling gameplay experience.

So, what differentiates epic gaming music from other genres? Here are some key elements that make this style unique and effective when used in action-packed gaming videos:

  1. Orchestral instrumentation: Epic gaming music often features a robust orchestra, incorporating instruments such as strings, brass, percussion, and choral vocals to create an immersive and cinematic atmosphere.
  2. Dynamic structure: Most epic gaming music tracks follow a dynamic structure, shifting between soft, suspenseful sections and high-energy, triumphant crescendos that can heighten the sense of drama and excitement in a gaming video.
  3. Emotional intensity: The use of evocative melodies and harmonies, combined with powerful orchestration, allows epic gaming music to evoke a wide range of emotions—from heroic triumph to heart-wrenching sorrow.

These characteristics make epic gaming music a popular choice for action gaming videos, as it can enhance the overall experience by adding depth and emotional resonance to the visuals. Plus, the high-energy nature of action gaming music ensures the pace remains upbeat and engaging throughout the video.

But with countless epic gaming music tracks available, how can creators find the perfect piece to suit their gaming videos? Here are some practical tips:

  • Look for music that matches the mood and tempo of the gameplay, ensuring that the audio and visuals align harmoniously.
  • Consider how the music will complement the game’s narrative or storyline, and search for tracks that can heighten plot elements like tension, suspense, or dramatic reveals.
  • Listen to a variety of epic gaming music samples on platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify to identify tracks that resonate with your personal taste and the essence of the game.

Ultimately, the key to creating a successful and engaging gaming video lies in the thoughtful combination of epic gaming music with action-packed gameplay footage. By selecting the right background music, creators can elevate their gaming videos to new heights, captivating and entertaining viewers throughout the experience.

Intense Gaming Music for Competitive Scenarios

In the world of competitive gaming, where focus and concentration are key, the choice in background music plays a crucial role. Intense gaming music creates an atmosphere that keeps the players engaged and immersed in the virtual battles happening on screen. This type of music is often characterized by fast-paced, energetic, and powerful tunes that augment the overall tension and excitement in the competitive gaming world.

When selecting intense gaming music for competitive scenarios, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration:

  1. High BPM: Competitive gaming music should have a high BPM (beats per minute) as this directly contributes to the overall intensity and pacing.
  2. Driving Rhythms: Intense gaming music should possess powerful, driving rhythms that sync with the gameplay, propelling the player forward through challenges.
  3. Well-timed Breakdowns: Breakdowns or slower tempo sections within competitive gaming music tracks can help to build suspense at key moments, adding to the overall dramatic effect.
  4. Dominant Instrumentation: The choice of instruments used in intense gaming music can greatly impact the overall occasion, with electronic sounds and orchestral elements frequently employed to create a thrilling atmosphere.

Selecting the appropriate intense gaming music can contribute to an immersive and thrilling experience for both players and viewers alike.

Here are some popular examples of intense gaming music genres that can be used during competitive gaming sessions:

Genre Description
Electronic Dance Music (EDM) EDM is characterized by its high-energy beats, fast tempo, and dynamic synths – perfect for keeping the adrenaline pumping during competitive gameplay.
Drum And Bass (DnB) With its rapid breakbeats and intricate rhythms, DnB is ideal for high-intensity gaming scenarios, contributing to an intense atmosphere.
Trance Trance is known for its steady build-ups, captivating melodies, and emotional undertones, making it an engaging choice for high-stakes gaming sessions.
Heavy Metal Heavy metal, with its powerful riffs and thunderous drums, offers an aggressive and forceful sound that can perfectly complement fierce, action-packed gaming sessions.

Ultimately, the choice of intense gaming music for competitive scenarios is subjective and personal. The most important aspect is to select music that enhances the gaming experience and complements the energy of the gameplay, ensuring that both players and audience remain fully immersed in the competitive realm.

Best Gaming Music Playlists on Popular Platforms

Creating the perfect gaming experience means finding the right music to accompany your gameplay. Among the various popular online platforms, gamers have plenty of options to choose from when seeking gaming music playlists or gaming video background tracks. Two essential platforms include YouTube, with an extensive collection of background tracks for gaming videos, and Spotify and SoundCloud, which offer curated playlists catered to gamers.

YouTube: A Haven for Gaming Video Background Tracks

YouTube has emerged as a go-to resource for gaming video background tracks, hosting a wide variety of playlists ranging from instrumental tunes to high-energy soundtracks. Content creators looking to add a touch of audio personalization to their gaming videos can access hundreds of playlists on YouTube that cater to different game genres, themes, and moods. A few examples of some of the best YouTube gaming music playlists include:

  1. Ultimate Gaming Music Mix 1/2/3/…
  2. NoCopyrightSounds
  3. Bass Rebels – Background Music for YouTube and Twitch
  4. Chilled Cow – Lofi Hip-Hop
  5. Hungry Lights – Epic Gaming Soundtracks

Spotify and SoundCloud: Curated Playlists for Gamers

Both Spotify and SoundCloud have carved a niche for themselves among the gaming community with curated gaming music playlists tailored to different genres, themes, and preferences. Users can immerse themselves into their gameplay with the help of these platforms’ vast music library, which frequently includes lesser-known artists and independent music producers who exclusive background tracks perfect for gaming environments.

Spotify gaming playlists:

  • Video Game Soundtracks
  • Power Gaming
  • Retrowave/Outrun
  • LoFi Beats
  • EDM Gaming

SoundCloud music for gaming:

  • Royalty Free Music for Gamers
  • Monstercat – Gaming
  • Free Background Music
  • TwitchFM
  • GameChops Videogame Remixes

Ultimately, finding the best gaming music playlists and background tracks for your videos is a matter of personal preference. By exploring the options on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, you can ensure a satisfying gaming experience accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

How to Legally Use Gaming Music in Your Videos

Understanding copyright laws and taking proper precautions are crucial when it comes to using gaming music legally in your videos. This section will guide you through various aspects of securing legal use of music in your gaming videos, so you can avoid potential copyright issues.

Copyright laws for gaming videos protect the rights of music composers, producers, and publishers. As content creators, you must ensure to follow these laws to avoid legal consequences and maintain a good online reputation. Here are a few steps to help you navigate the legal use of gaming music in your videos:

  1. Use royalty-free music: Royalty-free music can be a lifesaver for content creators. Many websites provide a vast collection of royalty-free music that can be used in gaming videos without worrying about copyright infringement. Some popular platforms that offer royalty-free tracks include YouTube Audio Library, AudioJungle, and
  2. Obtain a license or permission: If you have your heart set on using a copyrighted piece of music in your gaming video, you might have to acquire a license or permission from the music’s owner. Reach out to the copyright holder or a performing rights organization (PRO) to discuss licensing agreements and fees.
  3. Abide by fair use policies: Fair use policies might help you in using parts of copyrighted music in specific circumstances. However, it depends on factors such as the purpose of the content, the nature of the copyrighted material, and the impact on the music’s commercial value. These factors can be complex to analyze, so seeking legal advice is recommended if you think your project falls under the fair use exception.

In addition to these actions, it’s essential to give credit to the original artists, composers, and producers. This not only shows respect for their work but also helps you to build rapport within the gaming and music community. It’s important to keep yourself updated on copyright laws and best practices for using music in your gaming videos, so you can create captivating content while avoiding legal problems.

“When it comes to using music in your gaming videos, taking the time to understand copyright laws, obtaining necessary permissions, and providing credit to original creators can save you from potential problems in the long run.”

In conclusion, the legal use of gaming music plays a vital role in delivering a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience to your audience. Following these tips will help you adhere to copyright laws for gaming videos, ensuring a smooth creative journey and a thriving online presence.


In the world of gaming videos, the right background music selection is crucial for creating a truly immersive and engaging experience for viewers. A well-chosen soundtrack can elevate gameplay, complementing the on-screen action and evoking the desired emotional responses from your audience. With the numerous resources at your disposal, including popular platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, finding the perfect tracks to elevate your gaming content has never been easier.

When selecting background music for your gaming videos, keep in mind the importance of matching the music to the game’s theme, pacing, and energy. Additionally, it’s essential to be aware of and respect copyright and royalty-free options to avoid any legal issues. By exploring genres like instrumental, epic, and intense gaming music, you’ll be better equipped to choose the perfect soundtrack for your specific gaming niche.

Ultimately, the process of enhancing your gaming experience doesn’t end with simply selecting a fitting soundtrack. Continuously refining your background music choices, staying informed about the latest trends, and taking feedback from your audience will enable you to build an even more engaging and impactful gaming content library. Keep experimenting, and with time, you’ll find the ideal gaming music formula for your channel’s success.


How important is background music in gaming videos?

Background music plays a significant role in creating an immersive atmosphere, setting the tone, and enhancing the gaming experience. The right music selection can contribute to emotional engagement and interest in the game.

What should I consider when choosing gaming background music?

To choose the right gaming background music, you should consider matching the music to the game’s theme, the pace and energy of your gameplay, and understanding copyright and royalty-free options.

Which genres are popular choices for gaming background music?

Popular genres for gaming music include electronic, orchestral, ambient, rock, and chiptune. Each genre brings different emotions and can complement various game types and gameplay styles.

Why is instrumental gaming music often the preferred choice for video content creators?

Instrumental gaming music is preferred since it usually features non-distracting melodies that blend seamlessly with gameplay. With no lyrics, instrumental music allows gaming video viewers to focus on the game and commentary without being distracted by the background music.

What are some popular platforms for finding gaming music playlists?

YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud are popular platforms to find gaming music playlists. These platforms provide curated playlists for diverse game types and styles, offering an extensive array of choices that match your gaming video’s theme and energy.

How can I legally use gaming music in my videos without violating copyright laws?

To legally use gaming music in your videos, consider using royalty-free music, obtain a license for copyrighted music, or collaborate with musicians and artists to create custom tracks for your content. Always make sure to credit the music creators and follow the guidelines and obligations stated in the licensing agreements.

Written by SongTub Admin

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