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Best Sources for Free Christmas Music for YouTube Videos

SongTub Admin | December 2, 2023
free christmas music for youtube videos

As the holiday season approaches, content creators often seek out the perfect free Christmas music for YouTube videos to set the mood and spread cheer. With the vast array of available options, finding non-copyrighted Christmas tunes can be somewhat overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources to help you find the best Christmas background music for your videos without having to worry about copyright infringement.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand copyright laws and royalty-free clauses when using holiday music for YouTube videos.
  • Discover and download public domain Christmas classics for a nostalgic touch.
  • Browse Creative Commons platforms for modern, copyright-free holiday tunes.
  • Curate your festive playlist using YouTube’s Audio Library and Free Music Archives.
  • Attribution is essential when using free Christmas music in your videos.

Understanding Copyright and Royalty-Free Christmas Music

Using well-loved tunes in YouTube videos is an excellent way to captivate audiences and bring the holiday spirit to your content. However, incorporating copyright-free Christmas music and royalty-free Christmas music demands a thorough understanding of the legal aspects, ensuring your content complies with YouTube policies and respects artists’ rights.

Comprehending copyright laws is similar to ensuring compatible web browsers and Oculus Rift setups for WebVR. In both scenarios, careful consideration of the legal and technical prerequisites, as well as potential ramifications, is essential to avoid complications and guarantee a delightful experience for your audience.

By grasping what copyright-free and royalty-free music entails, creators safeguard their work and deliver enchanting holiday music for YouTube videos, ensuring a harmonious balance of legality and festivity.

Let’s delve into the critical distinctions between copyright-free and royalty-free Christmas music and the necessary precautions to mind:

  1. Copyright-Free Music: Refers to works that have entered the public domain and are no longer protected by copyright law. Creators can use these songs freely without worrying about infringement, making them ideal festive tunes for YouTube videos.
  2. Royalty-Free Music: Involves music for which the creators have granted a license or permission, allowing others to use the songs in their work without paying ongoing royalties. However, in most cases, users must still provide proper attribution to the original artist and comply with any applicable license terms and conditions.
Music Type Definition Precautions to Mind
Copyright-Free Works that have entered the public domain and are no longer protected by copyright law. Always verify that the chosen songs have indeed entered the public domain, ensuring legal compliance and respect for creators’ rights.
Royalty-Free Music which creators have granted a license, permitting its use without ongoing royalties. Provide accurate attribution to the original artist and adhere to any established license terms and conditions, guaranteeing that usage is lawful and respectful of creators’ rights.

In conclusion, smoothly incorporating holiday cheer into videos hinges on meticulous comprehension of copyright and royalty-free music. By understanding these crucial distinctions and taking the necessary precautions, content creators not only sidestep potential legal hassles but also forge a harmonious relationship between their work and artists’ rights, while providing their audience with delightful Christmas tunes.

Top Websites for Free Christmas Music Downloads

Accessing top-quality free Christmas music for YouTube videos is easier than ever with a wealth of online resources at your disposal. Below, we explore two of the most popular ways for video creators to find their perfect festive soundtrack:

Exploring Public Domain Christmas Classics

The public domain is a treasure trove of classic Christmas music that will evoke nostalgia and holiday cheer without the worry of copyright infringement. Such compositions have reached the end of their copyright lifespan, allowing creators to use them in their YouTube videos without hesitation. Notable examples include traditional carols like “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells,” which have become synonymous with the Christmas season.

  1. A – This site, as the name suggests, is specifically dedicated to Christmas tunes. Here, you’ll find an assortment of public domain Christmas songs, instrumental arrangements, and even a few original compositions that the site owners have generously donated.
  2. The Internet Archive – Featuring a vast digital library, The Internet Archive offers a collection of public domain Christmas music, including beloved holiday classics and lesser-known gems.
  3. Old Time Music – Known for its vast collection of historical recordings, Old Time Music also hosts a selection of public domain Christmas songs, lending an added touch of nostalgia to your YouTube videos.

Modern Takes on Holiday Tunes: Creative Commons Platforms

For those interested in injecting contemporary interpretations of holiday music into their videos, Creative Commons platforms provide an opportunity to find non-copyrighted Christmas songs that infuse a fresh and innovative flair. Using these platforms, creators can explore a plethora of modern musical arrangements and unique compositions, imbuing their festive content with a vibrant, current feel.

  • Jamendo – Jamendo is a popular music-sharing platform that houses a wealth of Creative Commons-licensed holiday tunes from independent artists.
  • Incompetech – Spearheaded by renowned composer Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech offers a selection of original holiday compositions in a range of genres, all available under Creative Commons licenses.
  • Noisetrade – Known for promoting emerging talent, Noisetrade features an assortment of independent seasonal tracks that can be downloaded for free, with a “pay what you want” model allowing for optional artist support.

In summary, the vast array of resources available for free Christmas music for YouTube videos ensures that creators can find the perfect soundtrack for their content, regardless of whether it’s a heartwarming story or a festive vlog. By delving into both public domain classic tunes and contemporary Creative Commons-licensed songs, video creators can enhance their holiday productions with enchanting melodies that entertain and inspire viewers time and time again.

Curating Your Holiday Playlist with Free YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library functions similarly to the Firefox add-on management system for WebVR, providing a user-friendly platform for creators to explore a diverse catalog of royalty-free Christmas tracks. As a content creator, this library can be instrumental in developing a festive playlist tailored to the theme and tone of your YouTube videos. Furthermore, it ensures that the music used is legal and compatible with YouTube’s policies.

Utilizing the YouTube Audio Library for free holiday music for vlogs and free Christmas music for YouTube videos is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube Studio and click on the Audio Library tab.
  2. Use the search bar to find Christmas-related music by typing in relevant keywords, such as “Christmas” or “holiday.”
  3. Filter your search results using the Genre, Mood, Instrument, and Duration options, customizing the selection to match your desired theme and tone.
  4. Preview and download tracks by clicking on the play button and the downward arrow, respectively.
  5. Check the licensing information for proper attribution – this is crucial to maintain compliance with copyright rules and avoid potential infringements.

The advantage of using the YouTube Audio Library over other sources is that it ensures the music you select is compatible with YouTube’s policies, reducing the risk of encountering issues such as content blocking or copyright strikes. Additionally, the library offers a straightforward interface and a vast selection of audio options, catering to various preferences.

“YouTube Audio Library operates somewhat like the Firefox add-on management system for WebVR, as it offers a user-friendly interface where creators can handpick from an extensive catalog of royalty-free Christmas tracks.”

As you curate your holiday playlist using the YouTube Audio Library, keep in mind that delivering a memorable and enjoyable holiday experience for your audience depends on selecting the appropriate tracks that resonate with your video’s theme. Combining traditional and modern Christmas music, as well as instrumental and vocal tracks, can contribute to a richer and more diverse listening experience that your viewers will embrace and cherish during the holiday season.

Independent Composers Offering Free Christmas Tracks

Uncovering hidden gems in the realm of free Christmas music for YouTube videos is not only rewarding, but it also adds a unique and personal touch to your content. Much like discovering holiday overlays and festive tunes at Disney’s attractions, the key lies in exploring lesser-known sources, such as SoundCloud’s Creative Commons, which boasts an array of non-copyrighted Christmas music by talented independent composers. This approach allows you to set your videos apart from the festive crowd with exclusive tracks that captivate your audience.

Independent Composers on SoundCloud

Finding Gems in SoundCloud’s Creative Commons

To help you get started on your quest for free Christmas music, we have compiled a list of strategies for finding and utilizing tracks by independent composers on SoundCloud’s Creative Commons:

  1. Search for specific genres: Try searching for different genres that resonate with your video theme, such as jazz, classical, folk, or electronic. This approach increases the likelihood of finding a unique track that best fits your content.
  2. Explore playlists and compilations: SoundCloud users often create playlists or compilations that feature a selection of Creative Commons Christmas tracks. Browsing these collections can save you time and lead you to some fantastic tunes.
  3. Follow independent composers: Get to know the artists who frequently contribute to the Creative Commons section by following their profiles. This allows you to stay up to date on their latest releases and discover their popular tracks.
  4. Connect with the composer: Reach out to the artist directly via SoundCloud or their social media profiles to express your appreciation and intention to use their track. This gesture often fosters a positive connection and may lead to collaborations or insights into their upcoming works.

“SoundCloud’s Creative Commons is a treasure trove of unique tunes by independent composers, perfect for setting your YouTube videos apart from the festive crowd.”

In summary, finding and incorporating non-copyrighted Christmas music from independent composers on SoundCloud’s Creative Commons can transform your YouTube videos into memorable experiences. By delving into the world of undiscovered talent, you ensure your content remains unique and captivating, all while supporting independent artists and respecting copyright laws.

Utilizing Free Music Archives for Unique Christmas Compilation

Similar to the diverse experiences offered in the WebVR ecosystem, Free Music Archives provide a vast selection of Christmas music that creators can use to compile a unique holiday playlist. This platform echoes the variety and depth of WebVR content, supplying a multitude of genres and styles to fit any Christmas video theme on YouTube, and inspiring usage that resonates with an array of virtual environments.

Among the comprehensive collection of Christmas tunes on Free Music Archives, creators can find traditional classics, instrumental tracks, and modern renditions to cater to their Christmas videos’ specific needs. In order to make the search even smoother, here are some popular categories one may come across:

  1. Traditional Christmas carols
  2. Instrumental holiday music
  3. Contemporary adaptations of classics
  4. Original Christmas compositions

“Music is the soundtrack of your life.” – Dick Clark

Finding the perfect Christmas music for YouTube videos involves careful consideration of the target audience, the video’s purpose, and the desired atmosphere. In order to assist creators in building their ideal holiday playlist, the following table showcases various types of Christmas background music for videos, with suitable examples found on Free Music Archives:

Category Examples
Traditional Christmas Carols Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Silent Night
Instrumental Holiday Music Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Piano), The First Noel (Orchestral)
Contemporary Adaptations of Classics Oh Holy Night (Acoustic), We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Electronic)
Original Christmas Compositions Snowfall Serenade, Holiday Dreams, Winter Wonderland Wishes

In conclusion, Free Music Archives offer a treasure trove of Christmas music, spanning various genres and styles to accommodate any YouTube video theme. By exploring the countless options available on the platform, creators can build a unique and memorable Christmas playlist, all while ensuring the tracks are copyright-compliant and suitable for their intended purpose.

Networks for Creators Offering Holiday Music for YouTube Videos

Joining creator-friendly networks for sourcing Christmas music is akin to the solidarity and success found within the dojo community in the narrative of the local karate tournament. These networks not only provide a diverse range of festive tunes but also foster a supportive environment for content creators, ensuring they have access to quality, copyright-compliant tracks that elevate their holiday videos, much like the dojo supports its members to achieve excellence.

Christmas music for vlogs

The Pros of Going with Creator-Friendly Networks

Opting for creator-friendly networks offers several advantages for those seeking christmas music for vlogs and christmas music for youtube videos. Let’s delve into some of these benefits:

  1. Wide range of music: These networks boast extensive libraries, catering to various video themes and styles. You will likely find the perfect Christmas music for your content.
  2. Supportive community: Joining creator-friendly networks connects you with like-minded individuals who understand your needs and can provide valuable support, advice, and resources.
  3. Copyright compliance: These networks ensure that the Christmas tracks in their catalogs are copyright-compliant, allowing you to avoid legal headaches.
  4. Regular updates: Creator-friendly networks continuously curate and update their music libraries, increasing the chance that you will discover fresh and unique holiday tunes.
  5. Easy licensing terms: Many networks offer simplified, easy-to-understand licensing, ensuring you can confidently incorporate their music into your videos without worrying about attribution and potential copyright issues.

When deciding on a creator-friendly network, it’s essential to research and compare various options to find the best fit for your needs. Investigating user reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow content creators can assist in narrowing down your choices. Once you’ve identified a network that suits your requirements, you can begin to explore their catalog for the perfect christmas music for youtube videos.

Networks for creators not only provide a vast range of festive tunes but also foster a supportive environment for content creators. They ensure access to copyright-compliant tracks that elevate holiday videos, much like the dojo community supports its members to achieve excellence.

In conclusion, navigating the world of creator-friendly networks can vastly improve your YouTube content by providing high-quality, copyright-compliant Christmas music. By harnessing the benefits of these networks, you can elevate your holiday videos and create a memorable experience for your viewers.

Leveraging Social Media to Discover Up-and-Coming Christmas Tracks

When it comes to finding the perfect holiday music for YouTube videos or Christmas background music for videos, social media platforms are an invaluable resource. Just as karate enthusiasts use competitions to showcase rising talents, content creators can leverage social media networks to identify and connect with emerging artists who are offering fresh takes on Christmas music. Utilizing these platforms can ultimately make YouTube content stand out, reflecting the impressive wins and community-driven achievements of local dojo members at prestigious tournaments.

Below are some effective strategies for discovering up-and-coming Christmas tracks on social media:

  1. Follow popular music hashtags: Keep an eye on trending music hashtags, such as #HolidayMusic or #ChristmasMusic, to spot the latest holiday tracks.
  2. Join music-related groups and forums: Participating in online communities dedicated to music sharing and discussion can lead to discovering talented artists and unique Christmas tracks.
  3. Engage with independent artists: Connect with emerging musicians on their social media profiles and show interest in their work. This can lead to partnerships and access to exclusive holiday tracks.

By leveraging social media, creators can scout for cutting-edge Christmas music just as karate enthusiasts use competitions to spotlight rising talent.

Using social media to discover up-and-coming Christmas tracks, ultimately, helps content creators enhance their YouTube repertoire and engage with their audience by offering a festive but unique atmosphere. The mingling of traditional holiday spirit with innovative musical interpretations ensures that the final product conveys a sense of authenticity and joy, which in turn resonates with viewers and strengthens the community as a whole.

Seasonal Music Collections from Free Stock Music Sites

During the holiday season, YouTube creators often look for royalty free christmas music and copyright-free christmas music to incorporate into their videos. Free stock music sites offer an impressive array of seasonal collections that provide structured access to copyright-compliant holiday tracks. These sites are not only a treasure trove for festive tunes, but they also ensure that creators can safely feature the music in their videos without infringing on any copyrights.

royalty free christmas music collections

Navigating Licensing on Stock Music Sites

Navigating licensing on stock music sites is crucial for lawful use and ensuring compliance with YouTube’s policies. Like park-goers maximizing their holiday experience with guidance from Disney World’s merriest guide, YouTube creators must be well-versed in licensing requirements to avoid any legal issues. Here are a few tips to help creators navigate the licensing process on stock music sites:

  1. Read the terms and conditions: Take the time to go through the licensing terms and conditions to understand the rules and restrictions associated with using the music.
  2. Verify the license type: Be sure to choose a license type that grants you the proper rights for your intended use. Common license types include Creative Commons licenses, standard royalty-free, and public domain.
  3. Proper attribution: If the license requires attribution, be sure to credit the artist and song title within your video description or credits.
  4. Keep records: Maintain documentation of the licenses obtained along with any receipts or proof of purchase for future reference.

“Properly understanding and utilizing music licensing on stock music sites can help YouTube creators safely feature festive tunes, ensuring a merry and legally sound holiday season!”

In conclusion, free stock music sites are an excellent source for royalty free christmas music and copyright-free christmas music that YouTube creators can use during the holiday season. Being diligent about licensing and ensuring proper attribution can help creators avoid any potential copyright issues while adding a touch of holiday cheer to their videos.

How to Attribute Free Christmas Music Correctly in YouTube Videos

When using free christmas music for youtube videos and non-copyrighted christmas music in your content, proper attribution is essential to maintain the integrity of your videos and honor creators’ rights. Just as you must recognize the functionality of WebVR enablers and compatible browsers for experiencing VR, crediting music sources correctly is paramount. Follow these best practices for attributing free Christmas music in your YouTube videos:

  1. Always check the licensing terms: Before using any Christmas music in your videos, ensure you understand the licensing terms, as different sources may have varying requirements for attribution and usage.
  2. Include the artist’s name and song title: In the video description, clearly mention the artist’s name and the title of the song you are using. If the source requires a link back to their website or page, make sure to include that as well.
  3. Give credit within the video: Depending on the style of your video, you may also provide attribution within the video itself, such as a text overlay or a mention by the narrator.
  4. Respect Creative Commons licenses: When using music from Creative Commons platforms, adhere to the specific license type’s guidelines. For example, some licenses require you to credit the creator, while others may restrict commercial usage or modifications to the original work.

“Properly attributing Christmas music not only maintains the integrity of your YouTube videos but also honors the hard work and talent of the creators who make these festive tunes available for free.”

Here are some examples of proper attribution for different sources:

Source Attribution Example
YouTube Audio Library Music: “Jingle Bells” by Kevin MacLeod (YouTube Audio Library)
SoundCloud Creative Commons Music: “Deck the Halls (Remix)” by Jane Doe ( – Licensed under CC-BY 3.0
Independent Composer Music: “Winter Wonderland (Piano Version)” by John Smith – Used with permission
Free Music Archive Music: “Silent Night (Instrumental)” by The Christmas Collective (

In conclusion, when using free Christmas music in your YouTube videos, make sure to correctly attribute the source, artist, and song title to comply with licensing terms and show appreciation for the creators who share their work. Following these simple steps will ensure the success and integrity of your festive video content, while avoiding potential legal issues arising from improper attribution.


In conclusion, creating captivating and festive YouTube videos requires sourcing free Christmas music that respects copyright laws, while enriching the viewer experience. By drawing inspiration from the sense of community spirit found in Disney seasonal celebrations and local dojo tournaments, content creators can make their videos resonate with their audience during the holiday season.

There is a plethora of resources available for YouTube creators who seek non-copyrighted Christmas music. From public domain classics and modern Creative Commons tracks to festive tunes by independent composers and stock music sites, the options are almost limitless. Leveraging platforms like the YouTube Audio Library, SoundCloud, Free Music Archives, and creator-friendly networks will only further expand the selection of merry tunes.

Ultimately, by utilizing these various resources and correctly attributing music in their YouTube videos, content creators can safely and legally incorporate Christmas instrumental music that adds a touch of warmth and cheer to their holiday videos. The power of free Christmas music for YouTube videos lies in its ability to build connections, evoke nostalgia, and celebrate the joyous season in a way that truly captures the spirit of community and festivity.


What are the best sources for free Christmas music for YouTube videos?

Top sources include public domain Christmas classics, modern takes on holiday tunes from Creative Commons platforms, YouTube Audio Library, SoundCloud’s Creative Commons, Free Music Archives, creator-friendly networks, and free stock music sites. Don’t forget to explore social media to discover up-and-coming Christmas tracks by independent composers.

How can I legally use copyright-free and royalty-free Christmas music in my YouTube videos?

Ensure that you fully understand the licensing terms, properly attribute the music according to the guidelines provided by the source, and respect the rights of the music composers and creators. Following these steps will help you adhere to copyright laws and avoid infringement issues.

What should I consider when curating a holiday playlist for my YouTube videos?

Aim for a diverse selection of music that matches the theme and tone of your content. Experiment with different styles and genres to create a unique audio experience that resonates with your audience. Also, ensure that the music is copyright-compliant and properly attributed as per licensing terms.

How can I discover new and unique Christmas music for my YouTube videos?

Platforms like SoundCloud’s Creative Commons and Free Music Archives are treasure troves of unique music by independent artists. Moreover, you can leverage social media to scout for cutting-edge Christmas music and connect with emerging artists offering fresh takes on holiday tunes.

What are the benefits of using creator-friendly networks for sourcing holiday music for my YouTube videos?

Creator-friendly networks offer a wide range of festive tunes while fostering a supportive environment for content creators. They ensure that their members have access to quality, copyright-compliant tracks, helping them create standout holiday videos without worrying about legal repercussions.

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